Veli Brand Announces it's First Ever New Breed Tour - June 7th-June 15th


Since 2015, Veli Brand has worked to create genuine platforms for emerging artists all around the country. In Philadelphia specifically, we noticed many quality artists that were being overlooked for shows. We also noticed a severe lack of quality platforms for these particular artists to display their talents in front of a crowd that were actually there to discover new talent. From this, the New Breed show series was born. Noted as risk-takers, we were eager to book and work with the "small or undiscovered names" of the scene, those who could use a genuine platform and perform in front of a room of genuine music lovers who are eager to discover talent they have yet to hear yet. For a year and a half, we curated 7  various shows of the New Breed series in Philly, and the series grew legs of it's own. It is because of the support of the fans, artists, and taste makers that we can announce the FIRST ever New Breed tour!

*Ticket links are linked at the bottom with the cities*




June 7th: DC

June 8th: Philadelphia

June 9th: Boston

June 15th: Los Angeles