New Breed 5:Recap (w/ Pictures)


New Breed 5 was on for the books. For those who don't know, New Breed is Veli Brand's marque independent showcase -- curating a premium stage for emerging local talent and opening doors for them. Personally, this one might go down as one of my favorite shows of all time (perhaps top 5). There is a rare moment for me that happens for me (rare because I am picky and a professionist), when I look around and just say "okay, this is what it's all about". Fans screaming the lyrics, flashing lights from the phone screens, sweat dripping from passion of doing what you love, and the only feeling that matters is the initmate connection you make as an artist with a fan who is screaming with joy in your face as you perform. Although it was hot as HELL (no exxageration, they don't call it "The Fire" for no reason I guess), if I had to rank -- would defintely be top 5 favorite Veli Brand shows.

The first four New Breed's drew great praise from the area, which caused high anticipation for this past one. The show did not dissapoint, as artists Suirad Franklin, 821, Xali, Scottie Kash, HPN Hallie, and Sour, showcased their talents in front of a sold out crowd. Check the pictures below.


Special thanks to Blisstory, our clothing sponsor for the evening!


IMG_5605 IMG_5601 IMG_5592 IMG_5579 IMG_5565 IMG_5571-1 IMG_5575 IMG_5574 IMG_5585 IMG_5571-1 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5569-1 IMG_5559 IMG_5568-1