#GleeshLive Event Recap


Welp, the Yung Gleesh concert ended up being one for the books. From start to finish, the energy in the building was on level ten. Before we start, special thanks to Demel Ferguson from Respect Magazine and Dymond from BlackAPhillyated for doing their part in providing media coverage -- much appreciated guys! Now onto the show. Disclaimer: This is one of those shows where you let the pictures and videos do the talking.

Prior to Monday, I felt my "best" or most "energetic" show was #NewBreed3 (click hashtag to see). After Monday's show, I think this one takes the cake. Excitement filled the room as everyone was there to see a very energetic show, as Gleesh is known to host such. Prior to Gleesh gracing the stage, there was a blend of Philadelphia and DC talent, which included Gwappy Boyz, Atomos, Hoax Pain, C.R.I.M.E. Children, and Al Bundy/Swizzle. Each talent did their part in excited the crowd, as everyone grew anxious for Gleesh to hit the stage. Knowing that Gleesh's two trademarks were "Water", and the white robe -- best believe water guns were in attendance, along with me donning a white robe myself. From the very second Gleesh got on the mic, the crowd began cheering and sung EVERY song. Want to get a picture of what I mean? Just click here or here!

When it was all said and done, #GleeshLive was probably the most fun I had during a show to date. At one point, I even turned to DJ Tati Mia and said "Yo, this is what I dreamed about". Bringing quality national acts to the city, and opening the door for deserving locals. Per usual, special gratitude to DJ Quite Hype for always holding it down -- and major love and respect to Birdman, truly a great mentor.

Stay tuned for more!

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