#BlackBalloonTour Leg 1 Recap! (PHI-BOS-CT)

BBT BostoBBT Ish2BBT IshBBT Velidownload Well, well, well -- What a trip! The FIRST official company tour is in the books. Philadelphia and Boston sold out COMPLETELY, and Connecticut was solid as well. My co-manager/friend, Jonathan Wigfall and I worked tirelessly to make things happen -- on the forefront and behind the scenes -- so special shout out to him! This tour turned out totally different from the ORIGINAL plans, however, the success we dreamed of turned exactly the same! Also, special shout out to Novum Entertainment who provided sponsorship and DJ services for the tour -- so clutch and very much appreciated. Check them and their events out here.

Funny Story: We had NO idea of how to brand the tour/what to call it. Jon and I spent literally WEEKS trying to determine the perfect name. If you found out some of the names that we came up with -- we would have to drop everything in our music business careers and go do something else (haha)! This was such an obstacle until one day, co headliner Mir Fontane, came out and said "Black Balloon". Does he deserve a medal or something?Without him, this tour would not have happened lol. Okay, look... I know I am corny but just deal with it -- cool?

Now, onto the tour.


For the first official tour, it was only right that we started at home. This was perhaps one of the first shows where I was not nervous at all (I'm usually lowkey a nervous wreck lol). I just knew it would be a good night, and boy was it! People who was so instrumental in my path to the industry came through, including Joanna "JoJo" (Loud Music), and Dozi (Get Go Productions -- literally gave me my first shot in show production), and created an amazing atmosphere! Per usual with Veli Brand involved events, the crowd was EXTREMELY warm and welcome, and I am sure that everyone left with at least one new favorite artist!

The lineup was stacked with uprising local all-stars, such as Miles Chancellor and Ish Williams; along with hidden gems in the scene, such as Rob DiioiaNeedless to say, none of these artists were disappointing! The show started off with Miles, who is quickly moving not just locally, but now nationally as well. His smooth, yet eccentric stage presence set the tone for the night, as the crowd song word for word tracks from his latest project, No Man's Island. Rob Diioia, served as the perfect compliment, as his diverse crowd added that pop-style element and excitement to his set. His song, "Sanctified", is quickly perking up the ears of consumers left and right. Before I discuss POS World's Hoax Pain, I would be re missed if I did not talk about Jersey. New Jersey always comes out, and they truly never disappoint. Between Ant Beale, DEF Bananas, Mir Fontane, and Ish Williams, NJ is in the RIGHT hands -- so stay tuned.  The New Jersey synchronization of Mir and Ish can be seen here. Lastly (in large part because I have to discuss 2 other cities lol), the mystery of Hoax Pain grows by the show. His dark nature and lyrics were the perfect addition to the#BlackBalloonTour, and I am excited to continue to watch this guy grow first hand.


Let me start off by saying this: Boston was the most thrilling of the 3 dates. Don't believe me? Just click here -->>Video. Not enough proof? Okay, click here too -->IMG_0006. Boston has a VERY vibrant scene bubbling right now in hip-hop. With the spotlight on the likes of rising stars Gio Dee, Michael Christmas, and Cousin Stizz; artists like Vintage Lee, KOD, and Matt Maratea deserve just as much credit. Stay tuned for all of them rising from the Greater Northeast!

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What a way to end the tour off. Bridgeport added its own uniqueness to the tour, and was greatly appreciated. Sadly, there were no more Veli Brand shirts to throw out (maybe the crowd was upset lol). But nonetheless, I am sorry and when I come back out there I will make it up! Crowd favorite, Piif Jones, along with Tea Montgomery, kept the crowd entertained with their diverse styles.




The tour was a success. To produce 2 out of 3 sold out tour dates is amazing. Special thank you to every artist that performed, and Jon Wigfall. Additional thank you goes out again to our sponsors, Novum Entertainment, Miixtape Chiick, New Sick Music, and Highest Culture Clothing. Part 2 already is in the works, stay tuned!