#ValleyNights3 Recap!


**Before I start this recap, I want to say this** - I booked the first two shows of the #ValleyNights series in the hospital while I was bedridden. Literally booked the first two shows within 5 days -- I knew what this series was capable of. The #ValleyNights series will ALWAYS be my baby. If there is any legend of the #VeliBrand that has started or will start -- make sure you bring this up first.

**Now onto the Recap**

The third installment of the #ValleyNights series was themed as a live band/Rnb edition. How it turned out, was EXACTLY how it was imagined by #VeliBrand. The genuine and positive atmosphere filled Bourbon and Branch and the energy from the artists gave the crowd exactly what they came for! The crowd was warmed up to the evening by the duo, Mew3 Crew. As a late add to the bill, they provided the soulful sound needed to start the event off right. Ending off by covering Mario's "Let Me Love You", the duo had the audience involved and engaged -- looking forward to the rest of the show. Following them, was one of my most favorite live bands in the area --- ReLive. I've booked this band one time before, it was a music stage I had in Harrisburg this past August. Also, I saw the band again at the Mount Airy Street Festival in September -- and both times I had been blown away by their ability. This time was no different, as their manager came up to me after the show telling me that this was the best set they had ever done! The Hip Hop and Soul mesh in this group makes them unique, if they stay together they can definitely make their mark in the city.

Now, if you have been keeping updated with the #VeliBrand and the shows -- you'd know that typically there is a blend of various sounds that uphold at my shows. With female group Tomboy, this "blend" held true. Following ReLive, Tomboy kept the energy up -- reminiscent of 90's hip hop -- from the attire to the words and gave #ValleyNights3 the urban feel. Now, next up was probably fan favorite (and personal) favorite, Kinyon Maestro and his band, My Funky Brethren. Managers -- Kinyon is an older fellow, however, he gives a great live performance and has a GREAT fan base -- someone should look into him! Normal Gene is another one who is under looked -- her personality comes alive on stage, and she delivered yet another great performance on the #VeliBrand stage! The evening's headliner, Dante Kennedy  closed out the night very smoothly. For those who don't know, Dante is close with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, remember this song? Yeah, classic! Anywho, in addition to that, Dante has performed on the Ellen show, Queen Latifah's show, along with performing with Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke -- need I say more?

It has been a GREAT year/run for the #VeliBrand, platform after platform, sold out shows and packed crowds. #ValleyNights3 was the PERFECT way to end the year, and I can not wait to continue these independent platforms in 2016! 10 shows later, we have came a long way and I thank every artist and fan who performed and attended!

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