#CreatiVeli A3C Recap!

Saturday, October 10, 2015 will forever go down in the #VeliBrand history books as one to remember! #Creativeli, an official A3C event, ended up being loved by not only record label executives, but also was talked about at the local Waffle Houses in Atlanta! Packed throughout the majority of the night, #CreatiVeli proved to be a great platform for all of these emerging national talents! The line outside of Harlem Nights was around the corner the whole night -- and they weren't just there for the Curren$y show that was taking place on the first floor either! Electrifying performances by DMV emerging talents Jay IDK, Matt McGhee, and Nickelus F, along with a powerful opening set by Philadelphia group Crime Children, stole the show! IMG_0762 IMG_0802

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