Veli's Inagural Showcase Series: #Heirwave

Before putting a logo behind the name, Veli curated two of three successful shows on behalf of the Sound Gallery. #Heirwave was curated to be a musical series that blends various urban sounds together on one platform. This series consisted of various live band sets, rappers, singers, and even acoustic sets. The third installment, on April 26, 2015, was the first time Veli put The Veli Brand logo on a flyer. For the third and final show of the series, Veli decided to go even bigger -- and did a two floor show. In total: 29 different artists performed at the three different shows. See the pics below to see energy level and what we were able to accomplish at #Heirwave! image1 (3) image2 (1) HEIRWAVE-3-2-960x640

image1 (1) image4 image2 (1)

Heirwave1 Heirwave-93 image3 (1)Heirwave-35 Heirwave-41