Veli Brand presented w/ the Mogul Mixer Award!

In July, Veli was presented with the Mogul Mixer Award. via M.O. Entertainment. The award embodied the following: dedication to the community of Philadelphia, along with the tenacity to strive in the strength of entrepreneurship. After a delay in the receiving of the award, Veli finally received it in the mail recently. This was the[…]

Veli Brand Exclusive Interview w/ DJ Benz on Blazin 267 Radio!

Veli, along with Breezy B from Exclusive Public, sat down for an interview with DJ Benz on Blazin 267! Discussing several topics, from artists spamming music links to deciphering between the good and bad in the industry, this interview was filled with knowledge. People were calling in from minute one, and they weren’t just calling for[…]

Veli Brand #CreatiVeli Showcase Mentioned On Sways Universe

One of the featured artists on #CreatiVeli A3C, Jay IDK, was a featured story on Sway’s website recently. In the midst of discussing his latest success and upcoming adventures,  it was talked about how the A3C showcase awakened some curious ears around the nation. Curating a showcase on a national stage is far from easy, however, getting[…]